@yo_itsmeemz: The Eagle Vs Yahoo Yahoo boys

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I am neither for or against the subject matter regarding the recent Yahoo boys vs The EFCC saga. I am working very hard understand and respect everyone’s perspective. But I do agree most people use their lack of self esteem to fill in a missing void that they are yet to themselves identify with materialism. Sometimes, we have conversations with ourselves, if you don’t, please start. And from what I gathered, most people have been programmed to associate mediocrity, fallacy and an intense need to want to fit in with success. We have been programmed to be insecure, to attain some level of materialistic progression and begin to think that the world is out to get us, I used to reason this way too. But if you are smart, you’d realize that not everyone will like you, you will not like everyone. You won’t agree with everyone and vice versa. People will get jealous of you, you will get jealous of other people and don’t dare say you never feel that ugly sensation quietly reminding you of your insecurities, you are human. So you’ll feel every emotion, you can’t take it too seriously but if you know who you are, if you recognize your dreams and aspirations, you can create your own world filled with colors, Joy and the fulfillment of a negativity free zone, free from, hurting anyone. If you can do this, you are on your way to being a liberal. Take life as it comes, revel in all it brings. Thank me later




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