@renoomokri Reno Omokri’s Opinion on EFCC recent raids and arrests

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“EFCC arrested Yahoo boys at Club 57. But isn’t Yahoo obtaining by trickery? Buhari obtained the by trickery. He gave Nigerians fraudulent promises he never intended to keep such as ₦40 fuel and making ₦1 equal to $1. EFCC should face Buhari, the real Yahoo Man!”

“If the EFCC wants to arrest young men living large without an identifiable source of income, then they should start Yusuf Buhari. Yusuf does not have a job. He has not done NYSC. His father had to borrow to buy nomination forms. Where did he get the millions for BMW power bike?”

12:04 PM – 14 May 2018

“What does it say when the EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, who is meant to be neutral, publicly and proudly wears President ’s re-election lapel pin? Do you now believe us when we say that the EFCC under Buhari is nothing more than the armed wing of the APC? It’s Gestapo!”

On March 24, 2018, Lt Gen TY Danjuma (rtd) said the security services “are not neutral”. The next day, the Buhari admin attacked him in a most disrespectful manner. But with Ibrahim Magu’s action of wearing President Buhari’s re-election lapel pin, hasn’t Danjuma been vindicated?”

What reason can SARS officials have for taking people’s phones and going through them? The last time I personally experienced this was during the Abacha years. What has Buhari turned Nigeria into? Are we still a democracy? What did my people do to deserve such a government?”

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