The Nigerian Police Force as a tool in the hands of the Presidency #NPF #EndSARS #ReformSars @DefenceInfoNG

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Ibrahim Idris

The federal government is composed of three distinct branches: legislative, executive, and judicial, whose powers are vested by the Constitution of Nigeria in the National Assembly, the President, and the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, respectively.

There is a game being played by the presidency, and it’s a rather bad one. How powerful is the IGP? How influential is he? Is it right for an IGP to disregard the invitation of the National Assembly?

Well if he has the backing of the Executive which is quite glaring then it is possible.

There are cries everyday and every hour about the Nigerian Police force, they have done more harm than good so far by endangering the lives of the citizens than the protection they have rendered. The NPF have being nothing more than a chamber of an occult Organization which its main aim is to disrupt and destabilize opposition and also as a mercenary to oppress the youths. The the alarming amount of complaints online on social media platforms , and the continuous witnessing of extortion practices of the members of the NPF. So far so good nothing has changed. We only see what they want us to see? Are we to believe the  PCRRU and X-squad are doing anything?

Yes we have heard no policeman has the right to check the phone of a civilian.

Do not stop for any policeman or men not in the police uniform.

Do not regard any police who are not operating with the custom police vehicles.

Really?is this how we are going tone treated? Is this the proper safety measures for us?

Why are these rules not forced on these people?

Why are we seeing police men on Vest? Why does every tom dick and harry in the police wield a long riffle?

The Nigerian police won’t be accountable for any of this rules until there is a reform and restructure. We do not need to end SARS, Well because they are important to the Nigerian police and securing the lives of us.

But we need these men off the roads with long rifle.

We need them to always be on police uniform.

We need SARS to be more of swift, rapid and action squad that is available 24/7 and not the ones that are doing illegal jobs by carrying out disgusting activities to bring shame to the force.

Are there too much power figure in the Police force? Is the IGP just a figure head and can not control the force reasonably?

Why are there still complaints and how come it has gone worse than before the #ENDSARS campaign?

Definitely something isn’t making sense here, and the Presidency sure knows about this game.


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