#AskThePolice; The Nigeria Police @PoliceNG held a Q/A session on Twitter yesterday 17/04/2018

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The NPF under the directive of the IGP Ibrahim Idris yesterday held a twitter Q/A with the people online through the #AskThePolice. Here are excerpts from the session.

Q. Bodunrin @toborey – How do you identify an F-sars officer

9:00 AM – 17 May 2018

A. We have implemented a reformed dressing code for F-SARS: – A P-cap with F-SARS on it – A jacket/ T-Shirt with F-SARS and the location/ State inscribed at the back – The name of the officer is written on the chest for easy identification


Q. OlαOluwα 💨 @simplybada



Part of the reforms made include the dress code of F-SARS Officers; they now have their name tags on their chests, and F-SARS and their location/State written at the back. Please if you can get the names and locations, do send to these contatcs provided.

Q. – jeffrudeen @VillageParrot

It is not ideal for a Police officer to take someone’s phone and start flipping through without any complaint. We discourage this and we are looking into it.

A. Thank you for your question. Yes it was doctored.

A. Yes, if there is a valid complaint made.

Nigeria Police Force added,

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