#Opinions : My People Beg for everything

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People beg for everything;

People beg for help and do not care if you are in position to render it, the moment you turn them down you automatically become an enemy. They do not care if you have personal issues but as long as your outlook is good, you are going to be responsible for not been able to come through.

People beg for accolades, they believe they deserve awards, merit and acknowledgement for whatever good it seems to them they have done to you directly or indirectly. People believe even paying for goods and services rendered to them, they have done help to you and should be treated importantly. Reason why you see seller-customer relationship awkward and biased. The customer feels invisible.

People beg for food, money, welfare, assurance, for life, I mean everything! People beg for Love and hate.

Ever wonder why some people curse out their imaginary enemies (most especially youths of our generation) every now and then?

People beg for competitions, some people believe there are people somewhere trying to show them how higher they sit on the table they sit alone. Unconsciously the raise their voices and are sensitive to other people minding their own businesses.

People beg for recognition by regarding that distant supposedly rich and famous so called friends (who careless about how you endure) than their average everyday pals who are always their whenever. Reason why you see people feel too big to roll with those friends who are lagging behind (not necessarily the lazy ones who just want to eat what you have).

My people beg for acceptance, by trying to spend unreasonable amount of money to mingle with people naturally out of their leagues, just to be seen as another person.

This is not about misplaced Priority. But my people unconsciously beg for EVERYTHING by force or by stupidity.


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