About30: is @adekunleGOLD the best to happen to Nigerian music industry?

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We should thank God for Adekunle Gold for standing out in an era when there is a shortage of artiste with originality and outstanding intellect. Few people are interested in listening to good music these days due to negative influence of drugs and alcohol abuse alongside luxury lifestyle living, thanks to our artistes they have taken advantage of the effect and as such also done more on the awareness of their support for such life. In an era where music has been seen as just a means to make money and the negative effect of the content on our society has been neglected. In an era where people just want you to talk about drugs and lifestyle. In an era when the music industry has been compromised. We should be grateful for Adekunle Gold for his lyrical maestro. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is the only one dishing out good music out there today, but this post is dedicated to his musical prowess and his outstanding art.

Image result for adekunle gold about 30

What are you looking for? When you thought all hope was lost, and you are feeling down thinking things aren’t going well as planned because someone next to you is glooming and it seems all is going on fine for the other person, listen to IRE.

I am a sucker for love, and just about all the love songs i can play for my girl, i just have to motivate here and assure her of my love and support for here anytime whenever. Because i am DOWN WITH YOU i am never letting you go.

Our generation is full of people who lost there priorities and have decided to be motivated and inspired by a caption and lost interest in the whole story. Just look at MR FOOLISH, my friend decided to risk it all just because Mark Zuckerberg’s story says he dropped out of college to pursue his ambition.

I never thought i would find love again, just after everything i went through in the hands of my last love, i do not have to mention her name just yet. But just when i thought all hope was lost and i would never find a woman to love me again, I found you, which explains their are still good women out there who are modest. I SURRENDA my all to you because you have showed me love and i will fight for you, stand by you. I am ready for you. And yes about my last girl, DAMN DELILAH i’m going back to her.

At this point of my life all i want is only good energy, and i am going to live and love like there is no tomorrow, Well i am in the mood to dance and groove ” YOYO ” i’m living a good life, and i pray to continue to have enough blessings as i do not want to beg to sustain. MONEY is so important 🙂

I hope you know there is no short-cut to greatness, the road to greatness is rough, long and rigid. Only the few fortunate ones find it easy. These days every other young man out there wants to be just what they see, with little or no knowledge we endanger our life and embrace crime. Well done mr PABLO ALAKORI, i hope one day you get your head straight and find your way as Escobar life is not a good life.

And to those who have looked down on you and never believed in you, you need to prove them wrong so they will always REMEMBER they were wrong about you. (never look down on anybody).

The cost of FAME is expensive, it’s a total change to personality where you have to live your life for people who you do not even have a personal link to. You are never comfortable anywhere and you have to be cautious all the time. The price is your freedom!

There will always be SOMEBODY out there more beautiful, richer, better than you. Well all i can say is “it just don’t matter” because all that glitters are not gold.

Thank you MAMA, you are appreciated!

“Is there a God?” Unless we can demonstrate the world is capable of creating itself, God is the default. The incredible design that permeates all things implies a Designer. Natural laws (cause and effect, thermodynamics, gravity, etc.) imply a Lawgiver. Personal creatures imply a Personal Creator. Since everything we observe in the universe is an effect, there must have been a First Cause. Unless we are able to explain satisfactorily how each of these things exist, without resorting to a supernatural force, and find empirical evidence to support our conclusion, a Creator is default. Furthermore, any derived conclusion must be within the bounds of natural law, as natural law is a part of the universe and remains unbroken within the universe. THERE IS A GOD

How i wish i didn’t grow up, too much responsibility is overwhelming, I just wish i could remain a kid forever. Only if there is a way to go BACK TO START.

Image result for adekunle gold about 30

Thank you Adekunle Gold.


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