Naval officer, soldiers, ex-policeman nabbed for robbery and Rape.

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A Naval officer, soldiers and an ex-policeman were among 50 suspects paraded for robbery, kidnapping and other crimes by Oyo State Police Command yesterday.


The suspects

Speaking with newsmen at Police Headquarters, Eleyele, Ibadan, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abiodun Odude, said the Naval officer was arrested with 12 members of his gang, who had been on the wanted list of Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos. He said: “Six of the suspects were arrested in their criminal hideout at Ilasa area, Ogbomoso. This led to the arrest of other members of the gang at various locations.” Odude further explained that the soldier and his partners in crime would wear military camouflage and fatigues when they go for operations.

Confession of the Soldier;

One of the paraded suspects, Private Azeez Olaide, 22, who serves at 202 Battalion, Bama, Maiduguri, said:

“We stop anybody driving a car and has the appearance of a Yahoo boy. “If the person cannot identify himself and turns out to be a Yahoo boy, we collect money from him and threaten to kill him if he refuses to cooperate with us.

“Victims of our last operation were a guy and his girlfriend. We kidnapped them on Oluyole-Mobil Road and took them to KS Motel at New Garage. “We took turns raping the girl and recorded it; not for blackmailing purpose, but for pleasure.

“We collected N145,000 from the girl, which I transferred to my bank account. I was the one that supplied the other gang members with Army uniform.” He said his elder brother, who was first apprehended, took the Police to his house where he was arrested.

Officer that was dismissed;

One of the suspects, an ex-policeman, Femi John, nabbed by Iseyin Police Division officers for fraudulently parading himself as a serving Police officer, said:

“I was dismissed because I diverted 33,000 litres of fuel that I was escorting from Apata in Ibadan to Fiditi near Oyo, which I sold with the truck.

“I was dismissed from the Police force in 2012  as a Sergeant. I continued to parade myself as an officer because I needed to feed myself and my family.

“I would like to be reinstated into the Police force. After I finished my jail sentence, I would like to stop this crime as I have already learned my lesson. I wouldn’t mind the job of a security guard to support my family.”

On his part, Duru Daniel said: “When I came back from prison, I was totally deserted. Before I was released from prison, most of my property was seized by the Police.

“I was introduced into a business, but I didn’t have sufficient cash to start the business. I needed N200,000 to start. ”

A friend I though was going to help me, introduced me into this.”

Source: vanguard


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